Time : 120 mints | No of Questions :100 | Maximum Marks : 480      

1. Read the instructions carefully before attending the online examination.

2. Adobe acrobat is necessary to access this online examination. If it is not available in your system please download adobe acrobat now.     Download Adobe Acrobat.

3. Duration of this online examination is 150 minutes. Within this time you have to attend 120 questions.

4. For each question five answers are suggested. Choose the right answer and click on the bubble corresponding to the right     answer in the answer sheet.

5. Once you click on the bubble it will be inactive. So you can't change the option by clicking on other bubbles.

6. Each correct answer will be given four marks. One mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.

7. This online examination will end when the available time (150 minutes) is over. If you want to submit your answers before 150     minutes click on the submit button in the answer sheet.

8. Set your screen resolution as 1024x768 for better viewing.

Notice : Click on the START EXAM button to attend the online examination...